a recent selfie of my buddy and me...

a recent selfie of my buddy and me…

I’m Robin. I’m a Mom, a Marketer, A Naturalist, a Writer.  I’m determined to make decisions today to improve life now but also make sure it’ll be a good one over time.

I love to think critically, and obsessively sometimes, about whatever it is that will help me, friends and family live a fit and healthy life. This involves everything from food and fitness, to parenting, to managing my son’s food allergies, to getting my family on board with good health, and generally just staying sane while trying to figure it all out!

I live in Southern Vermont, on a trout stream, with no neighbors in sight, with my husband Tom, 10 -year-old son Brett, and our Labrador Balsam. Up until a few years ago, I had a corporate career outside the home with a lot of travel and stress. When that corporate/life balance began to tip in the wrong direction, I decided to opt-out to spend more time with my son, and be more present in our small community.

along our little stream...

along our little stream…

At the time, I had no idea what kind of upheaval this one decision would make on my life but now I can see the experience gave me the perspective I needed to rethink pretty much everything about who I thought I was as a person and who I aspire to be over time.

In early 2014 I baby-stepped back into the work-world again so current goals include figuring out how to prioritize, when so much is important to me, I don’t want to give anything up. It’s a never-ending challenge.


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  1. Ooh… I love that you live in Southern Vermont. I love that state. Your story sort of reminds me of the movie Baby Boom, with Diane Keaton. If you’ve never seen it, I would highly recommend it. You’ll love it.
    Thanks for following me. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    • thanks so much for your note and for following, look forward to reading your posts as well! Yes! I have seen that movie, love Diane Keaton–and live very close to where that movie filming took place….

  2. It’s 8 am in the morning when you read this section. It was something which is inspiring in itself. Though, I am way too younger than what you are but I do feel what you and do see myself in that very lines in the coming years. I guess I need to plan up myself well and try to Live my Life and Not Survive.
    Thank you for the lovely inspiration Robin. Have a great day 🙂

  3. I can’t begin to thank you enough for stopping over and following my humble blog-o-thing! I wish you the very best, not only today but well into the future. Be inspired and please take care.

  4. I love your sensible outlook on life and you mentioned something once about social and peer pressures on a comment on one of my blogs. You are so right! The sad part is that it follows us throughout life. Standing fast for our principles and beliefs builds character, so we’ll both stand strong. (How I enjoy your posts and hope you are beginning to write that beautiful novel that’s within you!)

  5. I am intrigued by your story Robin, sounds like a movie! I love Vermont, such a beautiful state. I have not been there in a very long time, however the memories are still fresh. Lovely place to raise a family ♥


    • Suz, thanks for your note and for dropping by! Look forward to keeping up w/your posts and having another allergy-mom to bounce ideas off of….VT is an amazing place. Sometimes I feel like I live in another world from others in the US…there’s so much about fast-paced lives and trends we just don’t worry about here…. But then again, the excitement factor is non-existent :)….it has been an interesting choice!

  6. Hi Robin – I’m really enjoying your site, your insights, and I love your photos (I love Vermont so it’s always nice to see some scenes from that beautiful place).
    I’ve nominated you for Versatile Blogger award. Keep sharing your thoughts! Here are the details:
    Hi! I just nominated you for a Versatile Blogger award. You have a great site and I’m always amazed by your thoughts and images.

    • thank you so much for this!! I’m honored you have been touched by my words and photos. I’m so glad to have found you too and look forward to reading more of your writing as well!! I have one more week to go before my son goes back to school so hope to have more time to work on this project and step up my posts too…I’m increasingly finding it tough to write and concentrate when he is home w/me!

      • My pleasure! My son returns from camp today (!) and will be home with me for a week and a half. I have a feeling my posts will be affected too! As much as writing is good for us, hanging out with our kids is good for us and them. So I’m going to try to do both but will probably write less.

  7. Hey Robin, so you decided to join the small clan of Uncle Spike followers, sometimes known as The Spikey’s….

    I really appreciate you wanting to become a new follower, after all, there are many many interesting and entertaining blogs out there.

    Anyway, I hope you like my upcoming posts and if you get bored one day, maybe you’ll enjoy trawling through some of my older stuff too.I have added plenty of categories now to help readers. If you have any likes, dislikes or suggestions about my blog, by all means let me know, either through ‘comments’ or via email. Always welcome reader input 🙂

    Thanks again for your vote of confidence, and hope you have a great old day…


    • Hi there and thanks for your nice note. I have seen you have visited some of my photos on the River Mom lately and thought I’d check out your site and look forward to seeing more! I keep the 2, this one for more writing, the other for more photos and prompts…hope you enjoy mine too! have a great day!

    • Noortje–thank you for stopping by and saying so!! Always lots of daily challenges but at least when you are in a beautiful place it makes everything a little bit better…

  8. Hi Robin — yes, to have a healthy life for the long haul, it really is important to spend time thinking critically about the details of our everyday routines; there’s always something in need of improvement! Glad I found your blog today — I’ve added it to a list of positive blogs I keep on my own site. 🙂

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