My Favorites


Some of my personal favorites for you to read, in case you missed them, just click the title link:


take a big stretch, then read on!

take a big stretch, then read on!

Much More than A Sneeze & Much More than a Sneeze Part 2Life as a Mom of a kid with a peanut allergy. These are my most viewed, most shared posts, written to raise awareness.

Is Good Health Intuitive: on Health and whether we should trust our instincts or measure to keep ourselves on track.

Lesson from my son: fidget more, sit less: On too much sitting, reasons and ways to add more movement throughout the day.

Mourning the End of a Chapter: Going back to work after being a full-time parent.

My Flawed Sugar Compromise and A Sweet Treat at Every Stop: On too much sugar in everyday food, and sugar as a reward, for our kids and for us.

My Food Evolution: Philosophy on food, and how it morphed to where it is now, over time.

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